Passionate since 1979

The dream of a perfect session on the water inspires me. It drives me to better control nature’s elements. It’s been like this since I was twelve. And it hasn’t changed one bit. Here at Carved Customs we live the kiter’s dream every day. We are kiters: heart and soul. We are also engineers, innovators, experimenters and part-time mad scientists. From our passion, we build boards with character using the most advanced materials possible.
Rip hard my friends, Bernie Hiss.


1981. The Obsession

By age fourteen, Bernie was shaping windsurf boards in his parent’s basement. Mom and dad weren’t too happy with the by-products of his obsession - the dust, foam, and fiberglass. Every waking moment would be spent either in his boardroom, on his windsurfer or skateboard in those pre-kiting days.


Since 1985. The Professional

Board production in his basement workshop continued to grow with his reputation as a shaper and expert windsurfer. He started competing on his own boards and in no time was regularly standing on the podium. By 1999, he is crowned German Windsurfing Tour champion.


1999. The Curiosity

During winter training in Maui, Bernie tries a prototype kite for the first time. Although no real kite market existed at the time, Bernie instantly recognized a business opportunity. He quickly returned to his home on Fehmarn to launch a kiteboard manufacturer.



The company’s name is its legacy. A legacy of high-quality construction and performance. A legacy of carving the smoothest turns. A name that says it all. The logo you see on every Carved Customs board is the founder himself, shredding up the Baltic. Carved Customs. Bespoke boards destined to become your forever board.


2001. The Opportunity

“I started with four rooms” as Bernie describes the launch of Carved Customs. Every building process had its own room for shaping, laminating, sanding, and painting. Board production commenced that summer and made Carved Customs a kiteboarding pioneer.


2002-2008. Unbeatable

The Pro kiter scene is young and developing. Bernie, intelligently, signs the best and brightest German kiters like Basti Langer, Jost Backhaus, Kristin Böse and Mario Rodwald to the upstart brand The best riders riding the best boards secured Carved many wins. Every year between 2002 and 2008, Carved wins at least one national title and in one year wins a world title.


2001-2016. Standard Bearer

From the beginning, Carved set benchmarks for others to measure themselves against. It has never been easy but our passion for the sport drove us to exceed our own benchmarks in production methods, materials, and meticulous workmanship. To this day, this Baltic powerhouse continues to set material benchmarks with its proprietary Cartan® Carbon fiber; production method benchmarks with its Unibody build; and master craftsmanship benchmarks with its hand shaped 3D Rails.



Today, the iconic Imperator has earned a cult status. Carved Customs has delivered on its promise and will continue to deliver ultra premium bespoke kiteboards to discerning buyers. In August 2016 after four years of continuous R&D, Carved Customs unleashes the sixth generation of its legendary icon.