Bespoke Custom Board Company

Every Carved Customs board is built on the idyllic Baltic island of Fehmarn by master craftsmen with a passion for kiting. Every step of the building process is carefully controlled by experienced hands to create a work of performance art. A visual feast of light and shadows. A masterpiece.


A custom board’s journey begins with our customer's wishes, a concept, and powerful computer software. Mix in the company’s deep board building experience and a little courage to try new things gets a legend started.


A premium, hand selected, marine grade, Paulownia wood plank finds its way onto a milling table. A computer controlled bit, rotating at 20 thousand RPMs , precisely shapes each wood blank into a complex, three-dimensional hull and deck to within a 1/100th of a millimeter. The completed heart is ready to accept its high-tech carbon fiber body.


The finished wood core receives a thorough quality control check before the pad, fin and grab handle inserts are mounted. A final quality control check is performed before the carbon fiber layup to ensure no splinter, rough edge, or milling byproduct interferes with the nest stage.


The wood core is sandwiched with Cartan® Carbon, our proprietary, tight weave, low resin, 30° biaxial carbon fiber cloth that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex. Carbon fiber is the most critical material component in Carved Customs boards and off-the-shelf carbon fiber did not meet our stringent requirements. So we had carbon fiber made to our own spec with an exceptionally high filament count. It costs more, but it’s worth it.


Our proprietary, high-density carbon fiber cloth requires less resin than standard carbon fiber boards. Our vacuum bagging methodology reduces the resin requirement further, producing a lighter and more dynamic board structure. Although the company’s Unibody layup process is top secret, the end result is not. It is responsible, in large part, for the board’s signature power, feel, and comfort even after many years of love.


An experienced touch is required to finish a perfect rail. The latest 3D tucked under design in the newest Imperator 6 imparts impeccable manners and incomparable carving characteristics. Although a one-shape-fits-all approach benefits mass production, Fehmarn’s shapers take extra time and effort to individually refine every Imperator LW and Tantrum 6’s rails. Rest assured that no shortcuts happen on this shop floor.


Every Carved Customs board is built to last. For you, your children, and grand children's enjoyment. An everlasting, bespoke board is, in our opinion, an investment in healthy living. And just like your other investments, your Carved Customs board will hold its value over time. When you see the gold Carved Customs hologram on your board, it’s our commitment to building the finest, kiteboard money can buy. A board only a master craftsmen can build.


With the same watchful eye and care taken in production, we take all measures to ensure a pristine product lands on your or your authorized retailer’s door in the same condition it left our factory.


The sixth generation Imperator is available in 4 versions. Imperator 6 Editions are limited production custom boards in 5 standard sizes. Imperator 6 Customs are made to measure boards. LW’s are lightwind editions. And finally, the Tantrum is our wakestyle machine.